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Unlocking the Torah Text

Unlocking the Torah Text (Bereishit) Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
OU Press/ Gefen Publishing 312 Pages
Let’s face it. The market is flooded with “Parsha Books”, and as such, it is very difficult for a parsha book to really make an impact or to even prove its distinction. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.
I found the needle.
I’ve commented on Rabbi Shmuel Goldin’s “Unlocking the Torah Text” series of parsha books before (see here: and his work on Bereishit, volume one in the series, is no different.
In this volume one will tackle Genesis-related topics such as:

Why didn’t Joseph phone home? (My favorite) How could Rivka instruct Yaakov to lie to his father? Why does God test man? Differences between Jews and Non-Jews
...and several dozen more
As usual, Rabbi Goldin does not hesitate to tackle the controversial, and this volume contains an extra dose of issues related to outlook and philosophy along with plenty of te…

At Home with Torah

At Home with Torah
Rabbi Avrohom Leitner Mosaica Press / 385 pages

Rabbi Avrohom Leitner, has done a beautiful job in his At Home with Torah, compiling inspirational messages based on the weekly parsha.

Every entry contains a short, but inspiring and thought provoking message that is suitable for readers of all backgrounds. Launching off a specific passuk in the parsha, the author delivers a meaningful message through stories and anecdotes, along with from exceprts from traditional “divrei Torah sources.” The material is very “Shabbat table” friendly, making for a springboard for further discussion around the table.
The primary theme in the sefer is on connecting with Hashem and with what is spiritually important in life. There are one to four different entries per parsha. There is also a section containing divrei Torah on the holidays. Although distinctively yeshivish in style and content, it is written in a manner that will be enjoyed by everyone.
Here is a sample from Parshat Noac…

Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrew

Lashon HaKodesh: History, Holiness, & Hebrew (2nd Edition) Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein Mosaica Press / 320 pages
Rabbi Reuven Klein’s Lashon Hakodesh is an outstanding work that traces the history of the Hebrew language, and by extension, the many languages that Jews have used over the centuries. In addition to Hebrew, much attention is given to Aramaic, including discussions on the many prayers that are recited in Aramaic. The book is replete with reference to the entire body of Torah literature, such as Tanach, Talmud, rishonim, achronim, midrashim, along with halachic material where relevant. History, archaeology, and other sciences also make an appearance where relevant. At the end of every chapter is a summary of that chapter.
The book opens with a discussion on the earliest languages. We learn that Adam and Eve spoke Hebrew and Aramaic, followed by additional languages in the time of Noach and the Tower of Babel. Many important issues in the history of language and the Jewish peopl…