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The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws

The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen
Insitute for Judaism and Civilization: NY and Melbourne, 2014 / 386 pp
I was excited to have received a copy of this book. It is definitely required reading for philosophers and theologians of all types. Very, very thorough. Below is an excerpt from the book's promotional material. AE 
The Noahide laws – the seven laws in which all humanity must observe - have become a matter of wide importance both for Jews and their intended recipients, the non-Jewish world.
Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen has performed an important dual task in his new book, The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws, the product of many years of research and writing. The first part, the “Theory of Universal Ethics”, undertakes the “marketing task” of universal ethics: how the Noahide laws can be presented to an intelligent, non-Jewish public from a variety of perspectives: theological, philosophical, religious, psycholog…

Circle, Arrow, Spiral

Circle, Arrow, Spiral
Exploring Gender in Judaism Miriam Kosman
Mekor Press / 376 PP
Miriam Kosman’s book, “Circle, Arrow, Spiral” is an exciting look into gender related issues in Judaism. The title is reflective of the theory that the arrow represents the male, along with traits such as excellence, accomplishment, and progress. The circle represents the female, along with traits such as the holistic, harmonious, and completeness. The spiral represents the ideal synthesis between the forces. The book helps us understand the “Circle” and the “Arrow” while striving for the “Spiral.”
The first part of the book is more philosophical in nature with my favorite piece being the section on “Mashpia and Mekabel" – all about the giving and receiving forces in the world as it applies to male and female roles and symbolism. Filled with biblical, talmudic, midrashic, and philosophic sources, readers are treated to uncharted waters in gender relate issues in general, and the “female force” i…

The Gift of Stuttering

The Gift of Stuttering
Moe Mernick
Mosaica Press / 210 pp / HC

It is personable, motivating, and inspiring. The best autobiography I have read in years. AE

In The Gift of Stuttering,​we meet Moe Mernick as he describes his journey whilst facing the challenges presented to him in life. Moe grew up with a debilitating stutter and seemingly unanswerable questions about G­od; he found everyday life to be a painful and lonely experience. After years of suffering, though, he discovered an exceptional life of meaning and purpose — and in doing so, turned the tables on his speech impediment.

The Gift of Stuttering ​is a remarkable story of one man's journey from despair to hope, from anger at Go­d to spiritual fulfillment, from being a rebellious teenager to becoming a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. It's a story of finding meaning within life's challenges and of transforming the heaviest burdens into the greatest gifts.

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