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Sukeret V’halichoteha

Sukeret V’halichoteha Rabbi Elyakim Wenger 174 pages / Heb.
Sukeret V’halichoteha (roughly translated as “Laws Concerning Diabetes”), is a fascinating look at the halachic issues facing those with diabetes. If I heard the story correctly, this sefer is the result of the author being unable to serve in the IDF due to his diabetes. So instead of IDF service, he checked himself into a Beit Midrash to study the issue and write this sefer.
The sefer seems to cover every question and scenario imaginable in the halachic life of those with diabetes. For example:
Diabetes related issues and treatments on Shabbat and Yom Tov (Extensive!) Fast Days Treating Parents Who Have Diabetes Purim (Are you yotzai “Mishlo’ach Manot” if you send candies and similar foods to a Diabetic?) Pesach/Seder Kashrut Nidda (chatzitza related issues) Revealing that a Potential Spouse is a Diabetic Transplants And much much more!
The sefer is well written, original, and very practical. There are very extensive footno…