It’s Okay to Laugh

It’s Okay to Laugh
Gitty Stolik
Mosaica / 242 Pages

It’s Okay to Laugh is a book that explores the importance of humor and laughter in Judaism. Reading like an inspirational self-help guide (likely by an author with a positive dose of well-channeled hyperactivity) we are treated to sources on joy, smiling, humor, and laughter from throughout the corpus of Torah literature.  There are also excerpts from medical professionals and others on the importance of humor. It is well spiced with real life stores and events where laughter can and should be infused.

Some of the topics covered are how to use humor, the benefits of humor, humor in the workplace, and humor in the classroom. There is also material on when jokes are not appropriate, and an especially interesting section on how our mind responds to various types of humor in various situations. A number of modern day frum comedians and merrymakers make an appearance in the book, as well.

The author successfully drives home her point that humor and laughter is an intimate part of Jewish culture, and an essential part of a Torah lifestyle. I can sure name a few sourpusses in positions of leadership and chinuch in the frum world who should read this book. No joke!

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