The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws

The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws
Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen

Insitute for Judaism and Civilization: NY and Melbourne, 2014 / 386 pp

I was excited to have received a copy of this book. It is definitely required reading for philosophers and theologians of all types. Very, very thorough. Below is an excerpt from the book's promotional material. AE 

The Noahide laws – the seven laws in which all humanity must observe - have become a matter of wide importance both for Jews and their intended recipients, the non-Jewish world.

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen has performed an important dual task in his new book, The Theory and Practice of Universal Ethics – the Noahide Laws, the product of many years of research and writing. The first part, the “Theory of Universal Ethics”, undertakes the “marketing task” of universal ethics: how the Noahide laws can be presented to an intelligent, non-Jewish public from a variety of perspectives: theological, philosophical, religious, psychological and social and political. The second part, the “Practice of Universal Ethics” actually sets out the concrete practice and requirements of the conduct of the Noahide laws.

The main text of the book is written in a manner accessible to the educated non-Jew, whilst the footnotes contain sources for the Jewish scholar. The book is of value to a Jew, to know the content of the Noahide laws, and how these may be communicated; and it can also be confidently placed in the hands of a non-Jew.

This hardback book, handsomely designed and published in the US under the imprint of the Institute for Judaism but distributed by is available from all major online booksellers.

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