The Gift of Stuttering

The Gift of Stuttering
Moe Mernick
Mosaica Press / 210 pp / HC

It is personable, motivating, and inspiring. The best autobiography I have read in years. AE

In The Gift of Stuttering,​we meet Moe Mernick as he describes his journey whilst facing the challenges presented to him in life. Moe grew up with a debilitating stutter and seemingly unanswerable questions about G­od; he found everyday life to be a painful and lonely experience. After years of suffering, though, he discovered an exceptional life of meaning and purpose — and in doing so, turned the tables on his speech impediment.

The Gift of Stuttering ​is a remarkable story of one man's journey from despair to hope, from anger at Go­d to spiritual fulfillment, from being a rebellious teenager to becoming a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. It's a story of finding meaning within life's challenges and of transforming the heaviest burdens into the greatest gifts.

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