The Rabbi Daniel Travis Collection

I'm new to them....but I'm hooked already. Whether it is one of his works on tefilla, hashkafa, or halacha (my favorite!), every one of Rabbi Travis' sefarim is truly a "grand slam." His work is for all audiences, with his Hebrew halacha sefarim geared more to the advanced reader and rabbis.

For those unfamiliar, Rabbi Travis, a close confidant of Rav Moshe Shternbuch, lives in Har Nof and is Rosh Kollel of the "Kollel Toras Chaim" halacha kollel. I am impressed by his unique style of writing and psak that manages to remain loyal to the Israeli-Chareidi approach while being refreshingly balanced by his American background. 

His series on prayer is exceptionally easy to read and inspiring. His most recent work "Wine and Wisdom" is the everything about wine and halacha. I enjoyed every page. His "she'ilot and teshuvot" are original, relevant, and often brave. 

Indeed, I was so excited about Rabbi Travis' sefarim that I went out and purchased a number of them rather than have to wait an extra few weeks for complimentary review copies! Need I say more?

More specific and detailed reviews will appear at a later date, bl"n.

Here is a link to a number of his English sefarim:

List of Seforim by Rabbi Travis

1. Priceless Integrity: Halachos and haskafah of honesty and integrity
2. Yoreh Binah 2nd edition: An encyclopedia of the concepts of Issur V'Heter
3. Days of Majesty 2nd Edition: Halachos and Hashkafos of Yomim Noraym and Shabbos
4. Days of Redemption: Halachos and Hashkafos of Purim, Pesach and Shavous
5. Toras Chaim Haggadah: Special edition Haggadah with one theme running through the whole Haggadah.
6. A Voice in the Darkness: Shiurim of Rav Moshe Sternbuch on Chumash and Moedim
7. Living On 2nd Edition (also translated into Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish): Messages, Miracles, and Memories of the Har Nof Massacre
8. Seven Eternal Lights: Message sand Memories of the Sassoon Family Fire
9. Wine and Wisdom: Halachos and haskafos of the berachos on wine

Praying With Joy Series

10. Praying With Joy 1 5th Edition: Halachos and hashkafos of all of the tefilos of Shachris
11. Praying With Joy 2 2nd Edition: Halachos and hashkafos of preparing for prayer
12. Praying With Joy 3: Halachos and hashkafos of Viudy, with special interactive commentary on viduy.
13. Praying With Joy 4: Prayers for parnasa, emphasizing Parshas Haman

Hebrew Seforim

14. Mizmor Lesodah 4th Edition: Halachos and Hashkafah of the mitzvah of hoadyah (thanking Hashem)
15. Shut Toras Chaim: Shaylos and teshuvos in Hilchos Shabbos.
16. Shut Takanas Hashavim: Shaylos and teshuvos pertaining to questions relevant to baalei teshuva.
17. Lechem Min Hashemayim: A commentary on Parashas Haman.

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