Two New Sefarim Received

I am pleased to have received the following sefarim:

1. Chumas Mesoras Harav: With Commentary Based on the Teachings of Rabi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (OUPRESS)

Exceptionally clear and crisp making learning from it a pleasure! The commentary is delicately lomdish. It is a "must have" for chassidim of the Rav. For more see here:

2. That's Why I Married You (Gefen Publishing)

This book, although not truly qualifying as a "Torah Book" from the perspective of this site, is a Torah flavored guide to making your marriage better, written by an orthodox author. Although a little too optimistic in nature (some people just shouldn't stay married!) it is fun and practical. It is packed with essential marriage advice, information, practical exercises, tips and charts. I have already adapted some of its secrets to my marriage. 

See here for more:

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