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Image result for #parasha, rahav-meirSivan Rahav-Meir
Menorah / 333 pp

Although I have never met her, I have always been a fan of Sivan Rahav-Meir, not because her brother in law, Yitzhak Meir, is one of my favorite singers, or because I often start my day with her husband’s [sometimes too long] commentary on the day’s news on Radio Kol Hai, but rather due to her exceptional journalistic talents that combine with her unique contributions to Israel society. 

Originally from a secular background, Rahav-Meir found her way to orthodoxy and is today one of the most popular media personalities in Israel. She is a true Kiddush Hashem and inspiration to many.

In her debut to the English-speaking world, Rahav-Meir presents a book with divrei Torah on the weekly parasha. Each chapter contains three or four short essays [sometimes too short] that have inspirational and contemporary messages related to the weekly reading. The messages draw on sources and teachings spanning classical rabbinic literature (though sources and citations would have been appreciated by the advanced reader) to modern day scholars, rabbis, and secular Zionist celebrities. She shows that the ancients words and teachings of the Torah are completely relevant to the adventures of daily life. She also shows that there is something to learn from everyone, regardless of their level of observance.

While the divrei Torah are indeed very nice, the market is flooded with books of "nice" divrei Torah on the parasha. This book is distinct not so much because of its content, but rather because of its author. With her unique life story and gentle advocacy of Jewish values to the Israeli public, Rahav-Meir’s has become a “degel lekol hamachanot”  -- she appeals to both secular and religious Israelis alike who see in her meaning and inspiration. As such, the book is a welcome addition to parasha discourse.

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