Pillars of Faith

Guest Post by Miriam Pinksy 
Pillars of Faith
By Rabbi Pinchas Taylor
Mosaica Press / 428 pages
For too long, educators have struggled to find a book to recommend to those looking for a solid introduction to Jewish thought or to clarify fundamentals to those already informed. A book has just been published that will now satisfy this need!
Pillars of Faith, by Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, an erudite young scholar, has something that is sure to please all palates, whether a beginner exploring Judaism for the first time or a well-seasoned Torah student. In its over 400 pages, Rabbi Taylor methodically explains a reasonable approach to why we believe and do the things we do as Jews. A logical approach to G-d, evolution, evil and suffering, the Torah’s divinity, the soul, the afterlife, kashrus and Shabbos, Moshiach and resurrection, are just a few of the topics of which the reader will gain a comprehensive understanding.
This book stands out from other books of its kind with its readable, well-organized contents, meticulous attention to detail, and its overarching perspective culled from the entire spectrum of Jewish thought. The broad range of references will appeal to all people across the Jewish spectrum. In addition, it will provide any educator with the source material to prepare in-depth, interesting, and enlightening shiurim on the subjects within. With over 1100 footnotes and sources, the door is wide open for further exploration on any of its contents.
Pillars of Faith has been distributed by Feldheim and is available at http://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Faith-Pinchas-Taylor/dp/1937887359, in Jewish bookstores, or at PinchasTaylor.com. Rabbi Taylor is also a phenomenal and inspiring educator, and can be contacted for speaking engagements through his website as well.
I fully agree with the review. AE

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