The A.R.K. Report: Secret for the Century

The A.R.K. Report: Secret for the Century

Harry H. Moskoff
245 Pages

There are many theories as to where the Ark of the Covenant can be found today. Some claim that it is extant in the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Ethiopia (careful: the site is guarded by tribesmen 24/7) and some say it is somewhere on Mt. Nebo in Jordan (see 2 Maccabees 2:4-10, a theory apparently supported by the prophet Jeremiah). The South African Lemba people claim to have the Ark (though they also claim that they are Jewish) and some say that the Knights Templar took the Ark to France or the UK. There are many other theories, as well.

Well, speculate no more. My friend and fellow former Torontonian, Harry Moskoff, claims that the Ark of the Covenant is right under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. With maps, charts, and interviews –along with a pinch of Lubavitch and Zionist influence- Harry uses both his rabbinic and filmmaking background to take us on an easy to read adventure for the search of the Ark.

Here’s an excerpt:

There is one section of the Temple that was never destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, the Egyptians, the Greeks or Titus and the Romans.  A place that is still in its exact same pristine form as it was when it was built by King Solomon, as previously sanctified by his father, King David.  That place is that room, the chamber that the Ark of the Testimony is in right now. Meaning, not just a floor, but an actual room with four walls and a ceiling to literally house the Ark.  Since it was built with the plans that expressly instructed that the room be part of the Temple itself, it stands to reason that this room of the Temple actually still exists today, because it still contains the Ark. This is the reason why king Josiah commanded to “secret the Holy Ark in the house that Solomon built…” – because that room below is part and parcel of the House of God itself

It seems logical then, that this room would have stone walls covered with wood paneling and plated with fine gold, just like the two floors in the structure above it. In fact, and this is just conjecture of course, I’ll bet that the reason why all these people throughout the centuries never found this underground location, is because they were searching for a large golden box with poles, instead of a stone chamber!  They may have even chanced upon what they saw as regular stone foundation walls, without knowing that there might be a room within! Based on this theory, it is more than likely that the Third Temple will also somehow contain this very chamber, as well as the Ark (and the other items) within it.  In fact, it could very well be that the Ark won’t have to be taken out by the priests at all! Instead, the whole room will be discovered and taken up to be the cornerstone of the next Temple. 

I’m personally not convinced that Harry has discovered where the Ark is located. And once we’re on the topic, I don’t think that the Vatican is holding the menorah or tzitz hostage, either (though I did ask around on my recent visit there).  

What I will say about the book, however, is that it is a great presentation on everything related to the Ark of the Covenant and the Temple Mount. You can decide for yourself whether Harry's book (and film) is “Holy Word” or “Hollywood.” One thing is for sure -- it’s a sensational and fun read!

To order a copy of the book, or to speak to Harry about his blogs, lectures, or videos on the topic:

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