Eye to the Infinite

Eye to the Infinite
Rabbi Aharon Rubin
285 pages

This is a first for me. I’ve never looked at anything related to meditation before. It just doesn’t interest me. In fact, Rabbi Aryeh’s Kaplan’s book on Jewish meditation is the only one in his series that I haven't read. Nevertheless, I was honored to have been personally requested by Rabbi Aharon Rubin to review his Eye to the Infinite, so I happily took the opportunity, with the clear caveat that this genre does not fall under my purview.

Eye to the Infinite (“How to Increase Your Divine Awareness, A Jewish Meditation Guide”) is a great introduction to the world of Jewish meditation for those, like me, with no knowledge or background. Although the book begins very heavy on kabbala and spirituality, it becomes more practical as it reads on.

There is much discussion on the soul, the brain, and lot’s on prayer and prayer techniques, as well. There are many chapters on practical meditation, with step by step instructions on how and when to do so.  There are also many relevant readings from the kabbalasits. I will note that the transliterations used in the book are unlike the more common transliterations that are used in English Torah literature. So too, there a number of spelling and editorial errors throughout the book. Although they don’t take away from the content, I hope the author fixes it up in a future edition.

I confess. I can’t relate to Lurianic kabbala, Zohar, “levels of the soul”, “energy,” the “spiritual meaning" of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, “spiritual worlds,” and all the rest of it. However, those who can relate to it will very much enjoy the book. The author is to be commended for his efforts in trying to convey his love for meditation to others.  

For more information or to order the book: www.Jewish-meditation.weebly.com

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