Mesilah: A Weekly Burst of Inspiration

Mesilah: A Weekly Burst of Inspiration

Rabbi Aryeh Berzansky

Mosaica Press / 288 pages

Rabbi Aryeh Berzansky, an avreich in the Jerusalem branch of the Lakewood yeshiva, has done a beautiful job compiling divrei Torah on the weekly parsha in his “Mesilah: A Weekly Burst of Inspiration.”

Every entry contains a short but inspiring thought provoking message that is suitable for readers of all backgrounds. The material is very “Shabbat table” friendly, making for a springboard for further discussion around the table. So too, stories and anecdotes make a frequent appearance in order to better illustrate the weekly message.

The primary reoccurring themes in these divrei Torah are emunah, bitachon, and hashgacha pratit. Many parshiot contain more than one entry. There is also a section containing divrei Torah relating to the holidays.

For an author stemming from the “Lakewood” network of yeshivot, the tone and “hashkafa” of the sefer is refreshingly moderate and balanced.

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