Talks on the Parasha

Talks on the Parasha
Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz

Maggid/435 pages

Talks on the Parsha is the transcription of talks on the parsha that Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz has given at different venues and to different audiences. As such, the style, content, and depth of the material varies. Some entries are more of a superficial review of the parsha with a gentle message, others contain more concrete divrei Torah. Unfortunately, there is only one essay on every parsha.

What is noteworthy about this parsha book is the continued emphasis on how the Torah is relevant today just as it was in ancient times. For example, in the parshiot of Bereishit there is much discussion on serving God, and living with the lessons and teachings of the Patriarchs. The less relevant, stereotypically “boring” parshiot of Leviticus are given refreshing meaning with teaching on how the messages of sacrifices and ritual purity applies to us today. The messages are contemporary and inspiring, so that everyone can find meaning in the weekly parsha. This book is easy access to Rav Steinsaltz’s brilliance and his vision for a vibrant Torah Judaism.

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